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The Executive Committee wish to bring to the attention of Members, Visitors and Guests that a smart, clean and tidy standard of dress is required both on the course and in the clubhouse.  Dress is obviously a very personal matter and this notice is directed at only a small percentage of those who play at Betws-y-coed each year.

On the Course

  • No folding of trousers into socks.
  • No collarless, sleeveless shirts or shirts with an inappropriate or offensive slogan.
  • No tracksuits or shellsuits.
  • No leisure short – tailored shorts only.

In the Clubhouse

  • No tracksuits, shellsuits or jeans.
  • No golfing footwear except in the locker-room areas.
  • Gentlemen must wear a jacket, collar and tie on formal occasions.

The general theme of these regulations applies to Ladies as well as Gentlemen.

Guests must be signed in.

Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the course.

The use of mobile phones, both and off the course and in the clubhouse, is banned.

Consideration for other players

  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found; they should not search for five minutes before doing so.  They should not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range.
  • When the play of the hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the green.

Behaviour during play

  • The sharing of clubs is strictly prohibited.
  • No one should move, talk or stand close or directly behind the ball or hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his/her opponent or fellow competitor tees his/her ball.
  • In the absence of special rules, two-ball matches should have precedence of, and be entitled to pass any three or four-ball matches.
  • The term “group” includes a single player.
  • Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  • If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should allow the match following to pass.
  • The course is closed during a competition to all golfers who are not participating in the competition.

Holes in bunkers

Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by him/her.

Restore divots, Repair ball marks and damage by spikes

Through the green, a player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced by him/her is replaced at once, and pressed down, and that any damage to the green made by the ball is carefully repaired.  Damage to the green caused by golf shoe spikes should be repaired on completion of the hole.

Damage to greens, flagsticks, bags etc.

Players should ensure that when putting down bags or the flagstick no damage is done to the green, and that neither they nor their caddies damage the hole by standing close to it, handling the flagstick or in removing the ball from the hole.  The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before players leave the green.  Players should not damage the green by leaning on their putters, particularly when removing the ball from the hole.

Golf Carts

Legal notices regulating the movement of golf carts should be strictly observed.  All trolley carts must be fitted with wide wheels.

Damage through practice swings

In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, by repairing divots.

Course Closed Sign

The “Course Closed” sign must be respected at all times and no play is allowed until the course is formally re-opened for play.

WHS Slope Rating Table

As of 1st November 2020, BYCGC has adopted the World Handicap System.
Please see below the table to convert your Handicap Index to a Course Handicap at BYCGC…..